Mr Bowie Changes Trains: “Station to Station”
written for Doug Aitken’s 2015 “Station to Station” art event

A Sweet Tooth for the Stones: “Brown Sugar”
written for Sabotage Times, Summer 2012

“Danger: Depressing!”: John Cale’s Music for a New Society
liner notes for Domino Records, 2016

Lost and Found: Lewis Taylor’s Pop-Rock Masterpiece
written for eMusic, March 2007

Exit Music: Can Radiohead save Rock Music as we (don’t) know it?
wriiten for GQ, October 2000

“I’ve always kept a Unicorn”: Mick Houghton’s biography of Sandy Denny
written for the Guardian, 2015

Sweet Soul Symphonics: Thom Bell and the Stylistics
written for eMusic, November 2007

Tom’s Wild Year: The Story of Swordfishtrombones
written for Classic Rock, June 2013

West Hollywood Reverie
written in March 2013

It’s All Over Now: Remembering Bobby Womack
written for the Observer, June 2014