2 thoughts on “A Word in your attic

  1. Hello –
    I grew up – if one could call it that – in Laurel Canyon, in the ’60s. Frank and Gail Zappa lived in the Log Cabin while I was attending junior high; Joni Mitchell gave me a ride home from school on a couple of rainy afternoons.

    All this seemed completely normal to me.

    A lot of people think that L.A. is a completely artificial place, and it is, or was, centered around the business of illusion. I guess the music scene in Laurel Canyon (and Topanga as well) was pretty faux, but being a kid in the middle of it was amazingly cool. I’d trade today’s weird scenes for those in a hot minute.

    I hope everything is well with you, and I look forward to more of your writings.


    Mark Michaels


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