There’s no place like America today

“We never thought we’d see this.” (This is what we say,

we on the left who know we’re right.)

It’s true that we despaired before,

we threw our hands into the air

and knew the world to be systemically unfair.

But what we did not know, could not conceive,

is what we have before us now.

We’d love to love our fellow man, but find ourselves

as homicidal as the muscled thugs and screeching dolls,

the forces that are now amassing, crude and cruel,

the whites who eat white bread,

who eat red meat,

who eat the lies,

who feel some stirring as their saviour sups,

the one who tore it down,

who said what they all thought but could not speak:

one in the eye for f****ts on the coasts

and n*****s on the knee.

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