My All-Time Top 100 Tracks

The great Dave Bates – the guy who signed Teardrop Explodes, Def Leppard, Tears for Fears, Texas & Wet Wet Wet and reinvented the careers of giants like Robert Plant & Scott Walker, then and then resurrected the dormant Fontana label with bands like the House of Love & the Cocteau Twins – invited me to send him a playlist. So I did: the favourite 100 tracks (give or take) I’d stream on my desert island.

You can hear ’em here...

2 thoughts on “My All-Time Top 100 Tracks

  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this but I just finished your book Waiting For the Sun. Enjoyed it immensely. I wanted to thank you for turning me on to the album by Sagittarius. Amazingly I had never heard of it before. And I was around when it came out. I had just finished another book about Charles Manson and Terry Melcher was prominently featured in it. So I enjoyed your insight into his career and involvement in all that as well. Checked out Present Tense last week and can’t stop listening to it. What a great album and story. Thank you.


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