25 great footie-commentary clichés

In breathless anticipation of tonight’s Euro 16 opener

• But that’s football for you

• He’s timed his run to perfection

• The keeper elects to punch

• He’s got good feet for a big man

• He’s got no right to score from there

• He really should score there

• It just sat up perfectly for him

• He just couldn’t get it out from under his feet

• He just dragged the shot wide

• For once his control let him down

• There’s a distinct lack of movement

• They’re not working the channels

• The narrowest of margins

• He’ll be the happier coach at half time

• Will they rue that missed opportunity?

• How many more chances is he going to spurn?

• He won’t want to see that one again

• It’s bread and butter to this defence

• It’s what they do so well

• A lot of niggling fouls

• I’ve seen them given

• You don’t like to see that

• He really can’t complain

• It’s a cynical one

• That’s just daft


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