Van Morrison

NEW AUDIO for Rock’s Backpages subscribers this week: VAN MORRISON discusses the Woodstock years of Moondance and Street Choir with, er, me (2014)…

PLUS over 60 NEW PIECES in the RBP library, including:

• Paul Gorman on CASSIUS CLAY’s ‘I Am the Greatest’ album (Rev-Ola Records, 1998)
• Howard Wuelfing sees TOM WAITS live in D.C.  (Unicorn Times, 1975)
• Sylvie Simmons takes POISON (Kerrang!, 1987)
• Mark Williams reviews LEONARD COHEN’s ‘Songs from a Room’ (International Times, 1969)
• Bethan Cole hangs with drum’n’bass duo 4 HERO (Mixmag, 1996)
• Mike Mettler looks back with BOSTON’s AOR god Tom Scholz (Sound + Vision, 2006)
• Chris Welch hangs out with the SMALL FACES (Melody Maker, 1969)
• Mick Brown reports on the death of Led Zep’s JOHN BONHAM (Guardian, 1980)
• Sean O’Hagan meets Street Sounds mogul MORGAN KHAN (NME, 1985)
• David Hemingway talks with Ultra Vivid Scenester KURT RALSKE (unpublished, 2002)
• Kathryn Flett reports from the LIVE8 festival (Observer, 2005)
• Jeff Slate natters with NOEL GALLAGHER (Daily Beast, 2015)

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