Hotel California en Espanol

Somehow it seems fitting that my Hotel California has finally been translated into Spanish, since California was nicked from Mexico in the first place. My thanks to Didac Aparicio at Contra and to Elvira Asensi for translating it. Feel free to check in anytime…

3 thoughts on “Hotel California en Espanol

  1. Barney thank you so much for writing this book. I have just finished it and it’s up there with An Extravagant Life, Wishing on the Moon and Starman. I am buying multiple copies for presents!


  2. It is so well written that I had to have my dictionary beside me while reading! It’s one thing to collate a lot of facts but having a voice to retell them makes the difference, you have a voice. I’ll stop gushing now, thanks again,
    Eileen (multiple copy buying began yesterday)


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